Saturday, 23 May 2015

My story of writing.

Does it ever happen that you have a flash of thoughts coming all at once and then the other second they are gone? You want to catch them but you simply cannot. Does it ever happen that you wish you had an audience to express yourself? Do you ever feel like missing a train, completely restless?
Well I don’t know about you, but I definitely felt it a while back.  Although I am an extrovert teen, I could not simply understand my very own self. I used to get restless without a known reason, burst out into tears even. I tried getting hold of my thoughts but it simply ran down my control like the sand which slips off our hands. This being the cause I started losing out focus and concentration and nothing seemed to go right.
One thing I knew for sure was that it has to be me who will rescue me from this pit of darkness. However there had to be a source of light to guide me through. I tried out various ways to express myself, painting, sketching, boxing and what not! At the end, I just kept Anne Frank in mind and decided to maintain a diary.
Before writing my first letter in the diary, I gave it a name and made a vow. All the letters that I wrote in this diary should come out through the depths of my heart and not through a conscious and thoughtful mind. And this was the start of my diary writing journey. All that went into the diary were my inner most thoughts and emotions. Expressing them in the diary rescued me from the tyrant known as restlessness and I regained my focus and concentration back. This magical journey has led me through a phase of self-discovery and I am still a part of it.

Every time I pen down my thoughts, I feel like I am entering this paradise, where I am just myself, where the world around me is mine, where I am just a free spirit. All the poems and short stories I started writing were like angels in my life bringing me the pleasure and happiness I always yearned for. The source of light which guided me from the pit of darkness was writing. Writing is just not an art but a school where I am discovering myself, where my dreams come alive. It is where I find solace and I know it would be where I will find myself fully discovered. 

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Saturday, 28 June 2014

What is the purpose of life? Have we ever wondered?

We humans pass through the different phases of life and in due time learn new lessons and face new challenges. It all starts in the womb where we start our life. After our body develops we take birth as a infant and then our learning begins.It is said that the period between infancy and childhood ( 1 month to 4 years) is the time when our pick up and learning skills are at the peak. Then comes the most fun part of our lives, that is childhood. During childhood we make and play with friends, ask questions and develop interests and hobbies. We observe the elders and learn from them. The next and the most complicated phase is the teenage. It is the period when we are neither adults nor kids. We are too young to make important decisions and too old to behave childish. In this phase we learn how to live and behave, build up relationships and our personality takes the final shape and we decide what we want to do in life. After teenage we become young adults who decide their priorities, decide what profession to take and overall how to continue with our lives. As adults we want to settle down, have a family, have a good career and a comfortable life. Striving for our goals we make mistakes, learn lessons of life and struggle for a perfect life. When we become middle aged we plan for old-age, we make plans on how to spend time and enjoy our lives. After we reach our last phase that is old-age, we live our last moments and wait for death.
We all live through these phases and we all die too. So the question arises, what is the purpose of this life? Everyone is born and everyone dies. Between birth and death we build up relationships and continuously strive to make our lives better. If this is so then how does it matter whether we take birth or die. Every second, thousands are born and thousands die so what is the purpose of life? We humans do not know how life enters the body and how it leaves it. All we know that we are mortal and will die one day. But have we tried to find the purpose of our life? Have we ever wondered about it?
Now lets analyse our achievements as mankind. We developed from apes to humans, we discovered and invented several things and we went on to find the answers to all mysteries. Several great personalities contributed to make the life of mankind better and brought a change in this world. Even after their death it is their deeds that we still remember. We can say that the purpose of their lives was to make the life of mankind better. The took birth, they contributed to mankind, they lived and they died.
Can we now say that our purpose of life can be found out by knowing in what way we could contribute to mankind? Can we say that between birth and death there is a life to be lived with a purpose? Lets think about it....